Nov 30, 2022

Trails groomed as of 6pm, fresh snow.

Nov 30, 12:10 AM
Last Groomed Nov 30, 12:12 AM
Total Trails: 4.35 km

Sturgeon River Nordic

Shellbrook, Saskatchewan
Nov 27, 2022
Last Groomed Nov 27, 6:08 PM
1-3 Days Ago
Total Trails: 9.29 km

Regina Ski Club Kinsmen Park

Regina, Saskatchewan
Nov 27, 2022

Skate lane renovated: fair to good.

Nov 27, 3:58 PM
Last Groomed Nov 27, 3:56 PM
1-3 Days Ago
Last TrackSet
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 1.75 km

Duck Mountain Nordic Club

Kamsack, Saskatchewan
Nov 25, 2022

Trails set today courtesy of Groomsman Allan Konkin....Golf Course, Fire Tower, Woodchuck, Seargent to Bruno's Way, Ski Hill to Moose Shelter, Bruno's Way.

Great in the golf course. Pretty good elsewhere with a few "iffy" snowfall will help the cause.


Nov 25, 8:32 PM
Last Groomed Nov 25, 9:47 PM
4-6 Days Ago
Total Trails: 52.58 km

Regina Ski Club Science Centre

Regina, Saskatchewan
Nov 20, 2022

Skate lane groomed today: conditions fair; thin areas, bare spots.

Nov 20, 4:51 PM
Last Groomed Nov 20, 4:45 PM
7-10 Days Ago
Last TrackSet
7-10 Days Ago
Total Trails: 2.67 km

Regina Ski Club Douglas Park

Regina, Saskatchewan
Nov 19, 2022

Groomed & tracked today. Classic poor to fair with both bare spots & good spots.

Nov 19, 7:17 PM
Last Groomed Nov 19, 7:17 PM
7-10 Days Ago
Last TrackSet
7-10 Days Ago
Total Trails: 2.71 km

Regina Ski Club White Butte

Regina, Saskatchewan
Nov 18, 2022

Some fresh snow accompanied by high winds last couple days. Grooming scheduled for Wednesday afternoon (tomorrow). Drift management & dead fall expected to be challenging. 

Nov 29, 5:22 PM
Last Groomed Nov 18, 8:45 PM
11-14 Days Ago
Last TrackSet
11-14 Days Ago
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 16.72 km
Nov 15, 2022

Breezy and fun conditions!

Nov 15, 1:38 AM
Last Groomed Nov 15, 1:36 AM
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 47.02 km

Saskatoon Nordic Ski Club Wildwood

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Skate track is good; classic is poor, thin early season conditions.

Nov 15, 12:38 AM
Total Trails: 6.92 km

QVN (Qu'Appelle Valley Nordic)

Lumsden, Saskatchewan
Nov 14, 2022

First ski for us 2023 winter , early season conditions 

Nov 14, 11:58 PM
Last Groomed Nov 14, 7:31 PM

La Ronge Nordic Nut Point

La Ronge, Saskatchewan
Nov 11, 2022

Groomed by Park staff.

Nov 11, 2:00 AM
Last Groomed Nov 11, 1:58 AM
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 2.08 km

La Ronge Nordic Don Allen

La Ronge, Saskatchewan
Nov 11, 2022

Groomed by Parks Staff. Parking lot has also been cleared.

Nov 11, 1:59 AM
Last Groomed Nov 11, 1:57 AM
14+ Days Ago
Last TrackSet
Total Trails: 18.04 km

Flin Flon Ski Club

Flin Flon, Saskatchewan
Nov 9, 2022

The snow has started to fall for our new season ahead!

Oct 26, 1:39 AM
Last Groomed Nov 9, 9:09 PM

All trails packed Monday Nov 28 but quickly blowing in.

Nov 29, 3:05 AM

La Ronge Nordic Saskaloppet

La Ronge, Saskatchewan

Entire Loppet trail groomed for skate and classic for the last week of the LRN Ski Odyssey

Mar 14, 1:36 AM
Total Trails: 26.07 km

Kinsmen Park

Saskatoon, Saskatoon
Total Trails: 2.51 km

Prince Albert Ski Club

Prince Albert, Saskachewan
Total Trails: 40.65 km

Regina Ski Club Foothills

Regina, Saskatchewan

Grooming done for the season due to warm weather.

Mar 16, 8:55 PM
Total Trails: 3.01 km

Regina Ski Club AE Wilson Park

Regina, Saskatchewan

Closed for season.

Mar 16, 9:01 PM
Total Trails: 2.77 km

Rough packing today; not skiable yet.

Nov 9, 5:53 PM
Total Trails: 6.3 km

River Ridge Nordic

Langham, Saskatchewan
Total Trails: 6.3 km

Carlton Trail Ski Club - Dixon

Humboldt, Saskatchewan

Dry and cool.

Oct 30, 10:39 PM
Total Trails: 24.91 km

Esterhazy XC Ski Club

Esterhazy, Saskatchewan

Hudson Bay Ski Club

Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan
Total Trails: 8.35 km

Melfort Cross Country Ski Club

Melfort, Saskatchewan

Yorkton Cross Country Ski Club

Yorkton, Saskatchewan
Total Trails: 6.92 km

Swift Current Nordic Ski Club

Swift Current, Saskatchewan
Total Trails: 4.96 km

Rocanville X Country Ski Club

Rocanville, Saskatchewan
Total Trails: 6.21 km

Lloydminster Poplar Bluff

Lloydminster, Saskatchewan
Total Trails: 9.82 km