Prospect farm has been groomed; The Boggy Brook Trail is a "second grooming" (was also groomed Thursday) everything else is "first grooming" for today. Trails above Orchard do not have classic tracks.

The Wentworth Resort Loop was also regroomed, tracks have been placed wherever possible.

All grooming was done with Pisten Bullys.

Reported on Mar 1, 2024 at 5:33 AM
Today DistanceOpenLast Groomed/ TracksetTrackset
44b. Wentworth Resort South
GMar 1, 4:08 AM
46. Wildcat Valley Trail
GMar 1, 12:53 AM
65. Quail Trail
GFeb 29, 9:58 PM
5a. Boggy Brook Trail
GFeb 29, 9:49 PM