In all probability, this is the last groom on Seeley Creek this year. A pass was made with the PB 100: some bare spots, most covered well, but there is not much more snow to find and push over the bare ground beginning to show, Tomorrow's forecast is close to 50F. Best skiing will be in the morning. Lots of the trail is real hero snow, fast and firm with a good edge. There are some ice sheets, and some wet spots. Not for your best skis, just enough pebbles here and there mixed in with the otherwise very nice snow to nick a base. Thanks for skiing. 

Reported on Mar 8, 2024 at 10:58 PM

It was a difficult season of grooming at Seeley Creek this year.  We're done for the season. 

Please review the notes associated with the trails you plan to ski; note that referenced junction numbers are physically posted at each junction marker on the trail system and also shown on our website trail map.  Skiing against the intended direction of travel, as designated in the notes associated with each trail, may result in accidents and injuries.

During the grooming season (December 1 thru March 31) the ski trails are intended for skiers only in order to reduce damage to the groomed surface and to minimize conflicts with other users. Please see the SLNSC website for suggestions for other winter recreationists.

Updated Mar 10, 2024 at 8:00 AM