The Spring Creek Trails were groomed and trackset today.  Conditions are  fair but  with many thin spots showing in the trackset.  Falling snow and wind will create drifting  in many areas. Please use caution. The Murray Hill Road,  Ferguson Hill Road, and Willow Creek Road were groomed and trackset today.    Conditions should be considered to be fair to poor with minimal base and debris such as sticks, rocks, and grass showing through the base in some areas.   Watch out for ice underneath the fresh grooming in many areas.

Spruce Coulee, Highline, and Ridgetop trails were all packed and groomed today.  Conditions are poor to fair with dirt and debris showing in many areas.  There is also water overflow in the area of the Rodeo Grounds.

Natural hazards exist on all trails so please use caution at all times.

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