Grooming is done at Shaganappi for the 2023/2024 winter, but the main gates are open to the public this weekend and likely during the week.

The ground softened a lot during the warm spell a week or two ago, and the City requested we stop grooming, as they hope to open Shag for golf asap, the original tentative opening date was April 1st before this new snow hit!

Lots of skier-set tracks exist, exercise caution on downhills, as the snow was nearly 100% gone prior to this last snowfall so sharks lurk beneath the snow.  (Sharks = rocks, twigs, branches, asphalt, tree roots, etc. that can bite into the skis so hard the skier stops suddenly which risks injury to the skier; and the skis can also can be damaged permanently by sharks). 

See you next winter! 

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