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Nordic Pulse is built for skiers, by skiers, and our platform is optimized from the ground up for skiers, ski areas and grooming teams. We're inspired by our goals of connecting ski areas, helping skiers decide where/when to ski, and offering easy to use, helpful tools for grooming teams at ski areas large and small.

We're doing our very best to keep Nordic Pulse as afforable as we can, and to help ski areas of all sizes benefit from Nordic Pulse, we offer a sliding scale for our pricing. We base our yearly service fees off of how many skiers each ski area serves, how many kms of trails you have, and how often trails are groomed. Skier usership is a proxy for the amount of web traffic each trail report recieves - i.e. our hosting costs; and kms of trails / frequency of grooming gives us an indication of how much GPS data each area will produce - i.e. our backend data processing costs.

Yearly service fees start at $660/yr.

While many clubs will benefit from the live tracking and automatic trail reports, we appreciate that other ski areas have limited budgets. In the spirit of connecting as many clubs as possible on Nordic Pulse, a free, limited feature Community Edition version is also available for areas with limited budgets.

If you're interested in getting a pricing quote for your ski area, feel free to fill out for the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

~ Julien and the Nordic Pulse team

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