Canmore Nordic Centre

Canmore, Alberta

The 21/22 cross country ski season is now over. See you in October.

May 1, 2:32 PM
Total Trails: 65.87 km

Mt Shark

Spray Lakes, Alberta
Apr 15, 2022

Cold temperatures on Thursday allowed one more double grooming shift at Shark, where a few cm's of new snow from the past week was mixed in to the base. A few light flurries fell during the grooming amounting to barely a trace of new snow, and at 5:30AM tiny flakes of light snow were falling and the temperature was well in to the negative double digits.  Scheduled grooming has now concluded at Mt Shark for the season. There are a few thin spots in sun exposed areas, but generally the base is still good. The freeze thaw cycle will likely return in the coming days, leaving trails icy trails in the morning, softening later in the day as the temperature rises. Visit the Alberta Parks Mt Shark trail report for details regarding general conditions and individual trails by clicking the computer desktop icon top right.

Apr 15, 12:10 PM
Last Groomed Apr 15, 10:56 AM
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 24.92 km
Apr 18, 2022

Sunday night was partly cloudy with no new snow falling during the grooming. Use caution in sun affected areas as some brush and debris is starting to become exposed, as well as some icy sections, and bare spots at the very north end of the system.  Be bear aware as tracks have been seen on the ski trails.  Scheduled grooming has now concluded for the season.  Visit the Peter Lougheed trail report for details regarding general conditions and specific trails by clicking the computer desktop icon top right.

Apr 18, 10:06 AM
Last Groomed Apr 18, 7:56 AM
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 78.23 km

Ribbon Creek

Kananaskis, Alberta
Mar 26, 2022

Continued warm weather with bare spots increasing in number and size every day has put a wrap on the ski season at Ribbon Creek. 

Happy change of season and happy trails and see you when the snow flies again next season!

Mar 31, 1:50 PM
Last Groomed Mar 26, 7:38 AM
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 55.22 km

Sandy McNabb

Kananaskis, Alberta
Mar 11, 2022

Skiing is done for the year, see you next year!


Apr 3, 9:39 PM
Last Groomed Mar 11, 1:07 AM
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 35.08 km

West Bragg Creek

Bragg Creek, Alberta
Mar 19, 2022

It's been another stellar season of skiing in WBC!

Thanks to everyone for your kind words for the groomers. It was great fun seeing all the happy faces gliding and slip sliding around the trails system this winter. 
We hope to see everyone again next year.

Have a great spring and summer!

The BCT groomers.

Mar 21, 1:36 AM
Last Groomed Mar 19, 5:37 AM
14+ Days Ago
Last TrackSet
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 56.93 km