Camrose Ski Club

Camrose, Alberta

See you on the trails next winter!

- from the CSC groomers

Mar 21, 8:42 PM
Total Trails: 19.66 km

Cooking Lake - Blackfoot

Strathcona County, Alberta
Mar 11, 2022
Last Groomed Mar 11, 10:54 PM
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 135.66 km
Total Trails: 4.45 km
Mar 29, 2022

Unfortunately, we have had to suspend grooming here on the Goldbar/Goldstick/Capilano Nordic Trails, unless we get an unexpected huge dump of snow.  Stay tuned here for updates on grooming if we do get a critical mass of fresh snow to see whether it was groomable or not. 


Mar 30, 2:05 PM
Last Groomed Mar 29, 10:35 AM
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 12.78 km

Miquelon Lake Provincial Park

Miquelon Lake, Alberta
Total Trails: 12.27 km

Pigeon Lake Provincial Park

Pigeon Lake, Alberta
Total Trails: 8.08 km

Strathcona Wilderness

Strathcona County, Alberta
Apr 7, 2022

Only remaining continuous loop is wagon/coyote connector.

Any other section requires a short walk over grass.

Today will be the final day of grooming.

Enjoy the sun skiing today and/or any other activities you are moving onto.

Thanks for a wonderful season.

All the best


Apr 7, 3:01 PM
Last Groomed Apr 7, 3:00 PM
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 15.11 km