Allison-Chinook Provincial Park

Crowsnest Pass, Alberta
Mar 18, 2022

Grooming is finished for the season  but there is still lots of snow on all trails so you can ski or snowshoe all trails for awhile yet.  

Thanks to the grooming team for giving us a great ski season.

Have a great summer.

Mar 29, 3:16 AM
Last Groomed Mar 18, 3:22 AM
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 31.18 km

Aspen Beach Provincial Park

Gull Lake, Alberta
Total Trails: 9.31 km

Beauvais Lake Trails

Beauvais Lake, Alberta
Total Trails: 16.29 km

Black Jack Ski Club

Rossland, British Columbia
May 10, 2022

Well that's all folks. Went out tonight to see if it would freeze to groom. The top is freezing but the under layer is all slush for about a foot.  Temps are supposed to rise up to the mid teens in a couple days. We're going to park the ginzu and bring back the sled this week. Thanks to Isaac, Howard, Pizza Pete, Ethan, Rick, Kamren and Fred for all the hard work.  

May 10, 4:23 AM
Last Groomed May 10, 3:46 AM
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 51.06 km

Blow Me Down

Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador
Apr 26, 2022
Last Groomed Apr 26, 12:42 PM
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 36.52 km

Britannia Winter Trail

Ottawa, Ontario
Mar 14, 2022

East side of Britannia rd classic and skate is very good.  Along the river to Deschenes Rapids is back to normal enjoy while it last. It is now too warm. We'll have to wait. 

Mar 14, 4:54 PM
Last Groomed Mar 14, 5:47 PM
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 12.66 km

Bulkley Valley

Smithers, British Columbia

Our trails are closed for the summer and we hope to see you back in November (snow dependant)

We will continue to improve, replace and rebuild our trail system this summer for all to enjoy. Have a great time off from snow. 

Apr 18, 4:49 PM
Total Trails: 49.18 km

Caledonia Nordic

Prince George, British Columbia
Apr 10, 2022

April 11, Monday.

The last day of trail grooming was Sunday, April 10th. Some trails (Stadiums, Race Maze, Hi Five) may be useable by the diehard ski skaters for awhile yet. Beware of long dirty icy stretches. The conditions should be less nasty if u wait until the heat of the day softens the snowpack. Some days that won't happen. And the shady bits will thaw later than sooner. Take care.

Apr 13, 3:39 PM
Last Groomed Apr 10, 7:15 PM
14+ Days Ago
Last TrackSet
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 47.98 km
Mar 10, 2022

Blue and Green trails were groomed for skating on Wednesday night.  As the temperature drastically increases on Friday this will likely be the last grooming of the season.  The snow will not last long at 10C with the sun being quite strong now.  Thanks for a great season.  If you enjoyed skiing at Confed this year please consider going to to donate.


Mar 10, 2:31 PM
Last Groomed Mar 10, 2:34 PM
14+ Days Ago
Last TrackSet
Total Trails: 8.09 km
Mar 5, 2022
That new skiff of snow on the ground has made it skiable again at Shaganappi - with the caveat or recommendation that people use rock skis if they have them. Most of the trail system was roller groomed Friday evening by one volunteer with the exception of the lower Advanced Loop and Westgate corner (SW Corner of the golf course along the asphalt cart path) More exposed sections of trail such as the escarpment facing North are wind scoured, and keep in mind there is very thin snow cover over grass, tree roots, rocks, and both shale and asphalt cart paths. The driving range, surprisingly, has fairly good wind-deposited coverage, as do a lot of the trail sections running along fairways on the grass. Beware of the shallow snowpack and be very cautious of the rock and asphalt cart paths beneath the snow. When in doubt, poke the ground with a ski pole to see what the surface is underneath. Keep your fingers crossed for more snow in the next few days, as the typical March snow storm systems seem to be paying Calgary a surprise visit! Total volunteer hours on the snow: 3
Mar 5, 1:28 PM
Last Groomed Mar 5, 1:30 PM
14+ Days Ago
Last TrackSet
Total Trails: 6.43 km

Callaghan Country

Whistler, British Columbia
Total Trails: 38.96 km

Camrose Ski Club

Camrose, Alberta

See you on the trails next winter!

- from the CSC groomers

Mar 21, 8:42 PM
Total Trails: 19.66 km

Canmore Nordic Centre

Canmore, Alberta

The 21/22 cross country ski season is now over. See you in October.

May 1, 2:32 PM
Total Trails: 65.87 km

Cariboo Ski Touring Club

Quesnel, British Columbia
Mar 20, 2022

All lit tracks, Gerry's, Canis Lupus, North 2.5, 3.5, and Ronskis were done with Ginzu both skate and classic. The 1+" of snow that stuck with overnight freeze provided just enough to refresh. New classics are fair. Enjoy the day!

Mar 20, 6:11 PM
Last Groomed Mar 20, 6:21 PM
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 35.44 km

Carlton Trail Ski Club - Dixon

Humboldt, Saskatchewan

Cooking Lake - Blackfoot

Strathcona County, Alberta
Mar 11, 2022
Last Groomed Mar 11, 10:54 PM
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 135.66 km

Crimson Lake Provincial Park

Rocky Mountain House, Alberta
Total Trails: 15.17 km

Crimson Ridge Golf Course

Sault St Marie, Ontario
Total Trails: 12.17 km

Cypress Hills

Elkwater, Alberta
Feb 25, 2022

February 25, 2022

Spring Creek Trails were groomed and trackset today.  Conditions are good with 100% coverage.


February 23, 2022

Spruce Coulee Trail, Highline Trail, and Ridgetop Trail were all packed and groomed today.  No tracksetting was completed.  Conditions are good with 100% coverage but there are still a few thin spots throughout.  High winds today will result in drifting over of the trails in open areas.

Please use caution as natural hazards exist on all trails.


Feb 22, 10:05 PM
Last Groomed Feb 25, 9:57 PM
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 44.76 km
Total Trails: 4.45 km

Esterhazy XC Ski Club

Esterhazy, Saskatchewan

Flin Flon Ski Club

Flin Flon, Saskatchewan
Mar 29, 2022

Unfortunately, we have had to suspend grooming here on the Goldbar/Goldstick/Capilano Nordic Trails, unless we get an unexpected huge dump of snow.  Stay tuned here for updates on grooming if we do get a critical mass of fresh snow to see whether it was groomable or not. 


Mar 30, 2:05 PM
Last Groomed Mar 29, 10:35 AM
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 12.78 km
Apr 10, 2022

Have a good day on the trails. 

Apr 10, 11:05 AM
Last Groomed Apr 10, 11:05 AM
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 54.05 km

Hinton Nordic

Hinton, Alberta

Hudson Bay Ski Club

Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan
Total Trails: 8.35 km

Illecillewaet Greenbelt Society

Revelstoke, British Columbia
Mar 26, 2022

Double track set and Sunny!!

Mar 24, 8:51 PM
Last Groomed Mar 26, 6:27 PM
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 16.23 km

Kamsack Ski Club

Kamsack, Saskatchewan
Total Trails: 52.58 km

Kawartha Nordic

Peterborough, Ontario
Mar 16, 2022
Last Groomed Mar 16, 1:55 PM
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 48.85 km

Kelowna Nordic

Kelowna, British Columbia
Apr 16, 2022

Saturday April 16th. -8C. 2-5cm new snow. Sunny. Excellent groom. This will be our last groom. Skate only from Summit. Single classic track from Kallis. (Walk up 120m). Thanks for your support and see you in November.

Apr 16, 2:37 PM
Last Groomed Apr 16, 4:16 PM
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 71.8 km
Mar 16, 2022

Last groom of the season


Mar 17, 3:18 PM
Last Groomed Mar 16, 4:16 PM
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 20.3 km

Kimberley Nordic Ski Club

Kimberley, British Columbia
Apr 16, 2022

Last groom of the year! Ski with care: watch for bare sections, water hazards and debris. Spruce, Trapline and Meadow are the recommended trails.

See you next Season and Happy  Easter


Apr 16, 4:13 PM
Last Groomed Apr 16, 4:11 PM
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 32.47 km

La Ronge Nordic Don Allen

La Ronge, Saskatchewan
Mar 11, 2022

Update from FB post

Mar 12, 1:14 PM
Last Groomed Mar 11, 1:16 PM
14+ Days Ago
Last TrackSet
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 18.04 km

La Ronge Nordic Nut Point

La Ronge, Saskatchewan
Mar 16, 2022

Groomed by Park Staff

Mar 9, 10:27 PM
Last Groomed Mar 16, 10:00 PM
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 2.08 km

La Ronge Nordic Saskaloppet

La Ronge, Saskatchewan
Mar 25, 2022

Entire Loppet trail groomed for skate and classic for the last week of the LRN Ski Odyssey

Mar 14, 1:36 AM
Last Groomed Mar 25, 10:32 PM
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 26.07 km

Lappe Nordic

Thunder Bay, Ontario
Dec 11, 2021
All trails groomed for skate and classic
Dec 11, 2:41 AM
Last Groomed Dec 11, 2:42 AM
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 15.83 km

Lloydminster Poplar Bluff

Lloydminster, Saskatchewan
Total Trails: 9.82 km

Melfort Cross Country Ski Club

Melfort, Saskatchewan

Miquelon Lake Provincial Park

Miquelon Lake, Alberta
Total Trails: 12.27 km

Morice Mountain Nordic Ski Club

Houston, British Columbia
Apr 11, 2022

Skate lane grooming with ginzu, no new tracks set

Apr 11, 8:54 PM
Last Groomed Apr 11, 8:56 PM
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 30.36 km

Mount Washington

Mount Washington, British Columbia
Apr 3, 2022

Upper Marmot Flats, Legacy View and portions of the sprint loops were not freshly groomed

Apr 1, 2:43 PM
Last Groomed Apr 3, 5:07 PM
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 49.03 km

Mt Shark

Spray Lakes, Alberta
Apr 15, 2022

Cold temperatures on Thursday allowed one more double grooming shift at Shark, where a few cm's of new snow from the past week was mixed in to the base. A few light flurries fell during the grooming amounting to barely a trace of new snow, and at 5:30AM tiny flakes of light snow were falling and the temperature was well in to the negative double digits.  Scheduled grooming has now concluded at Mt Shark for the season. There are a few thin spots in sun exposed areas, but generally the base is still good. The freeze thaw cycle will likely return in the coming days, leaving trails icy trails in the morning, softening later in the day as the temperature rises. Visit the Alberta Parks Mt Shark trail report for details regarding general conditions and individual trails by clicking the computer desktop icon top right.

Apr 15, 12:10 PM
Last Groomed Apr 15, 10:56 AM
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 24.92 km

Muriel Lake M.D. Park

Bonnyville, Alberta
Mar 16, 2022

Trails are groomed and tracked. They are in alright condition for the condition of the base

Mar 9, 11:54 PM
Last Groomed Mar 16, 3:58 PM
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 11.07 km

Nakkertok Nordique

Gatineau, Quebec
Apr 10, 2022

Thanks to Julien for developing Nordic pulse.  It has filled the void of communicating to our skiers about current trail conditions.  Also thanks to MKC for sponsoring Nakkertok for the use of Nordic Pulse.  Another ski year came to an end at Nakkertok today.  Thanks to all the skiers that came out to use the facilities this year.  Hope to see you again in mid November.

Apr 10, 9:22 PM
Last Groomed Apr 10, 11:22 AM
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 34.93 km

Nakkertok Val-des-Monts

Val-des-Monts, Quebec
Mar 15, 2022

Our groomer is up and running with the app now and testing it out! 

Feb 18, 7:25 PM
Last Groomed Mar 15, 1:21 PM
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 20.82 km

Nelson Nordic Ski Club

Nelson, British Columbia
Apr 18, 2022

Well, friends, it’s our last day of grooming today and temperatures as of 6am are around -4C. Forecast is for cloudy skies today, with showers beginning later this morning. 

Graham has groomed Clearwater main trail, Cabin Loop, Moose Loop, Busk rail grade and Euphrates. 

Many thanks are due to our groomers, Graham, Mark and Jason, for a season of excellent grooming!

Enjoy the last day of groomed trails and thanks also to our members for an excellent season.

Apr 18, 1:16 PM
Last Groomed Apr 18, 7:31 AM
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 26.48 km

Nickel Plate Nordic

Penticton, British Columbia
Apr 3, 2022
Water on the lower meadow
Dec 8, 8:59 PM
Last Groomed Apr 3, 4:54 PM
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 43.23 km

Nipika Mountain Resort

Nipika, British Columbia
Feb 22, 2022
Last Groomed Feb 22, 12:52 AM
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 44.89 km
Total Trails: 49.8 km
Mar 22, 2022

GB Railway and GB Spur groomed this AM by groomer Mike with the Kubota/Mueller.


Mar 16, 2:30 PM
Last Groomed Mar 22, 3:14 PM
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 20.24 km

Overlander Ski Club

Kamloops, British Columbia
Mar 20, 2022

0 degrees 10kmh wind is keeping things firm. We are closing for the season. Today we groomed the local greens. And a few extras as shown on the map. Skate will be firm. Classic variable as Stew and I were only able to Ginzu. Have a great summer. Roy 

Mar 20, 5:48 PM
Last Groomed Mar 20, 4:46 PM
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 56.61 km

Panorama Mountain Resort

Panorama, British Columbia
Apr 3, 2022
Last Groomed Apr 3, 2:14 AM
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 16.55 km

Pembina Nordic Ski Club

Drayton Valley, Alberta
Jan 28, 2022
All trails were groomed and trackset on Jan. 19. Excellent skiing on all trails.
Jan 20, 9:19 PM
Last Groomed Jan 28, 7:23 PM
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 16.24 km
Apr 18, 2022

Sunday night was partly cloudy with no new snow falling during the grooming. Use caution in sun affected areas as some brush and debris is starting to become exposed, as well as some icy sections, and bare spots at the very north end of the system.  Be bear aware as tracks have been seen on the ski trails.  Scheduled grooming has now concluded for the season.  Visit the Peter Lougheed trail report for details regarding general conditions and specific trails by clicking the computer desktop icon top right.

Apr 18, 10:06 AM
Last Groomed Apr 18, 7:56 AM
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 78.23 km

Pigeon Lake Provincial Park

Pigeon Lake, Alberta
Total Trails: 8.08 km

Plains of Abraham

Quebec, Quebec

Il n'y a pas d'autre traçage prévu cet hiver. À l'année prochaine!

No additional grooming is planned for this winter. See you next year!

Apr 4, 12:52 PM
Total Trails: 7.94 km

Prince Albert Ski Club

Prince Albert, Saskachewan
Total Trails: 40.65 km

Ptarmigan Nordic Ski Club

Fort McMurray, Alberta
Mar 8, 2022
Last Groomed Mar 8, 8:10 PM
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 31.08 km

Qu'Appelle Valley Nordic

Lumsden, Saskatchewan


Jul 20, 2:35 AM

Regina Ski Club AE Wilson Park

Regina, Saskatchewan

Closed for season.

Mar 16, 9:01 PM
Total Trails: 2.77 km

Regina Ski Club Douglas Park

Regina, Saskatchewan

Grooming done for the season due to warm weather.

Mar 16, 8:55 PM
Total Trails: 2.71 km

Regina Ski Club Foothills

Regina, Saskatchewan

Grooming done for the season due to warm weather.

Mar 16, 8:55 PM
Total Trails: 3.01 km

Regina Ski Club Kinsmen Park

Regina, Saskatchewan

Due warm weather causing deteriorating trail conditions, grooming has been terminated for the season.

Mar 21, 1:44 AM
Total Trails: 1.75 km

Renovated last night (Friday).

Feb 26, 12:42 PM
Total Trails: 6.3 km

Regina Ski Club Science Centre

Regina, Saskatchewan

Grooming done for the season due to warm weather. 

Mar 16, 8:53 PM
Total Trails: 2.67 km

Regina Ski Club White Butte

Regina, Saskatchewan

Although there are still 7 km of continuous, ice covered trail, that turns to slush by afternoon, conditions are too rough for grooming equipment to even get to. So those hard core skiers will have to get what they can from now on as we are calling the season officially over. Trailhead ski signage removal began today & will be completed this week. Thanks for an excellent but challenging ski season.

Mar 27, 10:30 PM
Total Trails: 16.72 km

Ribbon Creek

Kananaskis, Alberta
Mar 26, 2022

Continued warm weather with bare spots increasing in number and size every day has put a wrap on the ski season at Ribbon Creek. 

Happy change of season and happy trails and see you when the snow flies again next season!

Mar 31, 1:50 PM
Last Groomed Mar 26, 7:38 AM
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 55.22 km

Rideau Winter Trail

Ottawa, Ontario
Mar 13, 2022

Grooming was good this morning with the new snow. We had to get creative around the flooded areas but otherwise the trails are in great shape and ready for skiers

Mar 8, 2:20 PM
Last Groomed Mar 13, 6:01 PM
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 11.69 km

River Ridge Nordic

Langham, Saskatchewan
Total Trails: 6.3 km

Rocanville X Country Ski Club

Rocanville, Saskatchewan
Total Trails: 6.21 km

SNSC - Holiday Park

Saskatoon, Saskatoon

SNSC - Kinsmen Park

Saskatoon, Saskatoon
Total Trails: 2.51 km

SNSC - Wildwood Course

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Sandy McNabb

Kananaskis, Alberta
Mar 11, 2022

Skiing is done for the year, see you next year!


Apr 3, 9:39 PM
Last Groomed Mar 11, 1:07 AM
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 35.08 km

Ski Birch

Roseisle, Manitoba
Mar 19, 2022
Last Groomed Mar 19, 1:02 PM
Total Trails: 12.02 km

Ski Heritage East

Ottawa, Ontario

Get your rock skis out, and give it another go!

Apr 5, 12:20 AM
Total Trails: 32.15 km

Snow Valley Nordics

Terrace/Kitimat, British Columbia
Feb 19, 2022
Did Clearwater and viewpoint...big patch of dirt at LoneWolf intersection, otherwise ok...
Feb 18, 9:38 PM
Last Groomed Feb 19, 8:04 PM
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 36.21 km

Sovereign Lake Nordic Centre

Vernon, British Columbia

Well it's the day I've dreaded all season. 🥲 it was -4 with 2 cm of fresh snow. Everything groomed really well. Check the map for the trails I did this morning. The academy kids are doing their 100km challenge today, started at 5am. Come up and ski some runs with them. Don't worry they will be slower as the day progresses 😂. It's been our pleasure grooming this season for everyone. Have a great summer from Eddie (Black Prince), Don (Coyote), Mike (New Guy), George & Chris (52 Bravo). 

Apr 10, 4:08 PM
Total Trails: 61.49 km

St. Paul Golf Course

St. Paul, Alberta
Mar 11, 2022

Cross country skiing at the St. Paul Golf Course is closed for the season.

Mar 31, 1:52 PM
Last Groomed Mar 11, 11:52 PM
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 10.78 km

Strathcona Wilderness

Strathcona County, Alberta
Apr 7, 2022

Only remaining continuous loop is wagon/coyote connector.

Any other section requires a short walk over grass.

Today will be the final day of grooming.

Enjoy the sun skiing today and/or any other activities you are moving onto.

Thanks for a wonderful season.

All the best


Apr 7, 3:01 PM
Last Groomed Apr 7, 3:00 PM
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 15.11 km

Sun Peaks

Sun Peaks Resort, British Columbia
Apr 29, 2022
Last Groomed Apr 29, 11:35 PM
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 51.99 km

Swift Current Nordic Ski Club

Swift Current, Saskatchewan
Total Trails: 4.96 km
Feb 26, 2022

We attempted grooming but it was too warm. With a layer of wet new snow, our groomers just plowed instead of packed it down. We will be experiencing warm weather for the next several days. We will have to wait until it cools down before we can try again. 

Mar 18, 3:31 AM
Last Groomed Feb 26, 12:39 AM
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 20.3 km

Tawatinaw Valley

Tawatinaw, Alberta
Mar 26, 2022

Trails have been groomed with the snowcat today after 5 cm of fresh snow. Chalet will be closed as of March 27, but enjoy the trails till the end of the season. Look forward to seeing you all next season. 🤩

Mar 26, 8:49 PM
Last Groomed Mar 26, 6:53 PM
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 14.97 km

Telemark Nordic Ski Club

Kelowna, British Columbia
Total Trails: 45.35 km

Toby Creek Nordic Lake Lillian

Invermere, British Columbia

The skate ski lane was freshened today. The dusting of snow helped make the classic track less icy but without more snow, it hasn't been retracked. 

Feb 22, 2:16 AM
Total Trails: 7.24 km

Toby Creek Nordic Lake Windermere

Invermere, British Columbia

We are strongly against using the whiteway at this point in time due to a combination of weather and ice conditions. 

Mar 5, 10:01 PM
Total Trails: 17.98 km

Viking Ski Club

Morin Heights, Quebec
Mar 26, 2022

Condition's are very good especially considering the weather last weekend.The trails are as good as they where last week.We received just enough snow after the rain to reset a very good track.

Mar 8, 11:30 PM
Last Groomed Mar 26, 2:03 PM
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 59.9 km

Weber Loppet Trail

Cantley, Quebec
Total Trails: 3.46 km

West Bragg Creek

Bragg Creek, Alberta
Mar 19, 2022

It's been another stellar season of skiing in WBC!

Thanks to everyone for your kind words for the groomers. It was great fun seeing all the happy faces gliding and slip sliding around the trails system this winter. 
We hope to see everyone again next year.

Have a great spring and summer!

The BCT groomers.

Mar 21, 1:36 AM
Last Groomed Mar 19, 5:37 AM
14+ Days Ago
Last TrackSet
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 56.93 km
Mar 5, 2022
All groomed and tracked. Great snow. Best tracks of season. Great for night skiing today. Enjoy the sunshine tomorrow.
Mar 5, 12:47 AM
Last Groomed Mar 5, 12:45 AM
Total Trails: 11.87 km

Whistler Olympic Park

Callaghan Valley/Whistler, British Columbia

Think that was the last one..... Maybe..... Maybe not...

Jun 15, 9:59 PM
Total Trails: 71.24 km

Whitehorse CC Ski Club

Whitehorse, Yukon

Season is officially closed. Thank You and see you all next season

Apr 25, 3:20 PM
Total Trails: 87.16 km

Williams Lake Cross Country

Williams Lake, British Columbia
Mar 11, 2022

Groomed & T2 upper lit track. Groomed Kiwanis & dog tracks to BX Cataline intersection including Spur. Great top layer of fresh snow for renovating, but hard to get a solid track set even with multiple passes. Director Glen noted upper trails (tracks) were great as is with the fresh snow. Looks like perfect conditions for skiing Saturday morning :)

Mar 12, 12:45 AM
Last Groomed Mar 11, 11:22 PM
14+ Days Ago
Total Trails: 31.67 km

Wostawea - Killarney Lake Park

Fredericton, New Brunswick

The trails are great for biking!!

Aug 5, 2:16 PM
Total Trails: 21.69 km

Wostawea - Kingswood and UNB Woodlot

Fredericton, New Brunswick
Total Trails: 21.45 km

Yorktown Cross Country Ski Club

Yorktown, Saskatchewan
Total Trails: 6.92 km